1963 BMW R69S w/ 1953 Steib Sidecar

This bike was purchased from the Internet. The bike was more mechanically and cosmetically challenged than represented. Vintage Motorcycles rebuilt the carburetors and front end.

The sidecar had a windshield, but it was not installed and was missing brackets. When first purchased, the padding, backrest, and the armrests in the sidecar did not allow for a human being to fit, let alone sit comfortably. In order for the windshield brackets to fit, the armrests had to be modified and corrected. In addition, the sidecar was out of alignment, and it was a challenge to get the proper configuration with the bike.

Vintage Motorcycles Craftsmen hand pinstriped and lettered the owners’ daughter’s name on the sidecar, as well as, reconfigured the backrest, including all padding and upholstery in the sidecar.